Parent Visa

This category allows residents of Australia who are Australian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents. The sponsoring child must be over 18 and lawfully resident in Australia for a reasonable period, usually two years, although a shorter period can be considered for Australian citizens sponsoring their parents, if there are compelling and compassionate circumstances.

In order to qualify to be sponsored by a child the applicant must also meet the following balance of family criteria:

  • At least half of the applicant’s children are Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents¬† who are normally resident in Australia,¬†or
  • The applicant has more children living in Australia as Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents than in any other single country.

The applicant will also need to obtain an Assurance of Support (AoS). An AoS is a legal commitment by a person, not necessarily the sponsor, to provide financial support for a certain period to a person applying to migrate so that they will not have to become reliant on social welfare payments.

Partners and other dependent family members may be included in the application.