Temporary Work Visa

In most situations the application for a temporary work permit must be lodged before travelling to Australia. There are several options for skilled people to be employed in Australia on a temporary basis. The main options are summarized below. Please contact us to discuss temporary work visas in more detail.

Temporary Skilled Worker (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship

This work visa allows skilled people to be employed in Australia on a temporary basis if they are sponsored by an Australian or overseas employer. It also enables companies with branches in Australia to transfer executives and specialized knowledge workers to Australia for up to three years. Companies that do not have offices in Australia but have been awarded a contract to implement a project in Australia may also apply under this category. For this visa the employer must first be approved as an eligible sponsor. It may then nominate applicants for a work visa. Applicants must have qualifications in a nominated occupation on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL). Holders of this visa may eventually apply for permanent residence.

Temporary Skilled Worker (Short-Stay Activity) – Business  Services

This work visa allows skilled people to be employed in Australia for up to three months to engage in highly specialised, non-on going work such as installation, assembling and servicing of equipment and emergency repairs. It also allows workers to come to Australia to respond to special situations that are clearly in the national interest of Australia.

Media and Film Staff Visa

This visa covers:

  • journalists, correspondents or reporters representing overseas news organizations,
  • television or film crew, including actors, production and support staff and still-photographers, who are involved in the production of documentary programs or commercials exclusively for use outside Australia.

Entertainment Visa

This visa is for people who intend to work in the Australian entertainment industry in film, television or live productions and in either a performance or behind-the scenes role, such as directors, producers and other production personnel.

Religious Worker Visa

This is intended for religious workers who directly service religious objectives of an Australian organisation.

Visiting Academic Visa

This is for invited academics to visit Australia to observe or participate in research projects, without remuneration other than a contribution towards living expenses and travel costs.

Sport Visa

This is a temporary visa for professional sports people coming to Australia to participate in specific sports events or play, coach, referee in organized competition.

Working Holiday

For people aged between 18 and 31 from certain countries, including the Netherlands, allowing them to visit and work in Australia for up to year.