Dutch Work Permits

There are several immigration options available for Dutch companies wishing to bring a foreign employee to the Netherlands, such as the highly skilled migrant program, with a single permit or the European Blue Card.

For intra-company transfers, the European ICT Directive or the national ICT programs may apply. In addition, there are separate procedures for (among others) trainee, scientific researchers and various exchange programs.

Dutch employers may only employ a foreign national after a suitable work permit has been secured.

Highly skilled migrants

The highly skilled migrant program makes it possible to employ a highly educated foreign national through a fast and relatively simple application procedure. A specific income requirement applies to the highly skilled migrant. In addition, the employer of the highly skilled migrant must be registered by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) as a recognized sponsor.

European Blue Card

The European Blue Card is a work and residence document for highly educated foreign nationals from outside the European Union and comparable to the knowledge migrant program. In order to qualify for a European blue card, the income and diploma requirement must be met.

Intra-company transfer

An intra-company transfer applies when transferring personnel to a Dutch office from a foreign subsidiary. There are national rules for an intra-company transfer and the European ICT Directive. It is possible to transfer managers, specialists and trainees.

Work permit (Single Permit / TWV)

In some cases, the above permits cannot be used. A single permit or a standalone work permit (TWV) can then be an option. A Single Permit combines a residence permit and work permit in one document.