New Zealand

Active Investor Plus Visa

A very substantial investment in New Zealand can form the basis of a resident visa application that will eventually lead to permanent residency in New Zealand. A new Active Investor Plus visa category will be introducted on 19 September 2022, replacing the current Investor 1/Investor 2 visa category.

Active Investor Plus requirements

Detailed requirements for the new Active Investor Plus visa category have not been publicized yet. Key elements of the new policy are:

  • Focus of the program is on ‘foreign direct investment’ in New Zealand companies
  • Minimum investment amount is NZ$ 5 million, assuming all funds are directly invested in New Zealand companies
  • If the investor chooses more indirect investments the minimum investment amount could rise to NZ$ 15 million.
  • The investor has to spent at least 117 days in New Zealand during the 4 year investment period.

The applicant most likely also will have to meet general requirements, such as:

  • General “Health & Character” requirements. A medical examination is always part of the application procedure, and Police Certificates must also be submitted.
  • The investor must be a fit and proper person. This means that someone must have complied with all relevant regulations (financial / immigration, etc) for the companies for which he / she has been responsible. In addition, no conviction for fraud, forgery, etc.

Family members (spouse and children) can be included in the application, and in theory only need to spend 1 day in New Zealand after the application has been approved.

A very important element in Investor Visa applications is that the applicant can show how s/he obtained their assets, and that this was done legally. It is closely monitored how the funds are ultimately invested in New Zealand following the regular banking channels.