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EB-5 Investor visa

For a permanent residency card in this category an investor must invest a minimum of 1.8 million dollars in a US company and create a minimum of 10 full-time jobs. By investing in certain Regional Centers, with high unemployed rates, the minimal investment is $900,000.

The Immigrant Investor Pilot Program was created in October 1992. This was in accordance to a Congressional mandate aimed at stimulating economic activity and job growth, while allowing eligible aliens the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents. This “Pilot Program” required only $900,000 of investment in exchange for permanent resident status. The investment could only be received by an economic unit defined as a Regional Center.

A Regional Center is defined by any economic unit, public or private, engaged in the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital investment. The individual receiving the visa is not required to actively manage the business invested in. For investors who wish to invest in a new or existing business, have an active role in the management of the operation, and have at least 1.8 million US dollars to invest, then the traditional EB-5 visa is the best option. But for those who would prefer a passive role in the management of their investment, do not wish to be involved in the creation of the 10 U.S. full time jobs, and would rather limit their investment to $900,000 USD, then the Regional Center, or EB-5 Pilot Program is the better immigration option.

There are many Regional Centers who offer programs for investment. These programs are offered in various areas such as real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, sports facilities and many other projects all over the US. VisaVersa knows the various programs and can offer you advise which program may be suitable.