United States

Travel ban lifted

The travel ban will be lifted as of November 8 and National Interest Exceptions (NIE) are no longer required to travel to the US. Travelers must however be vaccinated with a WHO-recognized COVID-19 vaccine. According to the presidential proclamation, travelers who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will not be allowed to travel to the US from November 8, 2021.

The test requirement for COVID-19 does not change: Before departure, all passengers must present proof of vaccination and proof of a negative test not older than 3 days. Children under the age of two do not need to test. Additional information on the test requirement is available at this link.

This presidential proclamation does not apply to U.S. citizens of permanent residency (green card) holders. Unvaccinated US citizens can travel with a Covid negative test not older than 1 day.

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