United States

Work visa

There are a large number of non-immigrant visa for the United States. Each visa category has different objectives, requirements and application procedures. VisaVersa will assist with selecting the most appropriate visa, and guide you through the visa application process. 

Some of the non-immigrant visa that will allow you to live and work in the US are:

  • Intercompany Transfers (L-1A/L-1B)
    The L-1 visa can be used when a manager or specialist is transferred from the foreign office of an international company to the US office.
  • Traders and Investors (E-1/E-2)
    The E-2 visa is based on a treaty between the US and specific countries. It allows an individual to work in the US based on an investment that has been made from a treaty country.
  • Professional Employment (H-1B)
    The H-1B visa allows US employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations.
  • Internship / Training (J-1)
    The J-1 visa category allows students and young professionals to gain on-the-job experience in the US for up to 18 months. It is not a work visa, but sometimes an option for (management) trainees that fulfil part of their traineeship in the US.
  • Business Trip  (B-1)
    A B1 visa is required for business travelers who want to stay in the U.S. for more than 90 days, or travelers that cannot use the Visa Waiver Program. Not a work visa, but in some instances it is allowed to perform services in the US for the foreign employer.
  • Athletes, artists and entertainers (O-1/P-1).