Added value

Applying for a temporary work visa or permanent residence permit can often be a complicated and time-consuming procedure. VisaVersa has extensive experience with different types of visa applications (for the US, New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands), and we can provide great added value to our clients by consulting about the right type of visa for the situation, and assist quickly and efficiently by preparing the visa application to be submitted to the immigration service, consulate or embassy.

Our goal is to support and assist our clients in each step of the process:

  • Choosing the right type of visa. We aim to provide a clear overview of all visa options available to our clients, both from the perspective of the company as well as the individual employee. Usually visa options are first discussed by phone, if necessary followed by a meeting with all parties involved in the visa application.
  • Preparing the visa application. Due to our extensive experience we can advise our clients about what additional documentation needs to be collected to support the visa application. Often these requirements are not documented in detail in the official forms and guides, but our experience tells us what information is necessary to compile and file a complete visa application that has the best chance of an approval.
  • Communication and support. Depending on the type of visa, the application procedure can take weeks, months and sometimes even years. We assist our clients in collecting the required information, prepare for the steps that need to be taken in advance and therefore allow them to relocate abroad as quickly as possible. In the past 15 years we have built up an excellent track record with many successful visa applications.
  • Our costs are clear. Most of our services are based on a ‘flat fee’. This way there won’t be any surprises about the costs related to the application. Before we start work on a visa application, a written agreement is always drawn up between VisaVersa and the client that documents the services we will provide and the fees that will be charged by VisaVersa for these services.

Additional Services

  • For all our clients we keep track of visa validity dates, and send a reminder to renew the visa in time.
  • For clients with frequent transfers between countries we assist in preparing travel policies and expatriation policies documenting when a visa application is necessary, and what the requirements are to qualify for a particular type of visa.
  • In some cases we can assist with a visa application based on an hourly rate. This will be made clear in advance, and documented in a written agreeement. The client prepares the visa application, VisaVersa informs, reviews and corrects when necessary.
  • Visa consultations at our office are possible for clients that wish to receive detailed information about the visa options in their particular situation before they make a decision. The costs of a visa consultation are generally deducted from the costs of a visa application which might be started at a later date.