VisaVersa is represented at different events throughout the year focused on emigration and international mobility. Most events have been canceled for spring/summer 2020 due to the corona crisis, but we are proud to be part of a webinar in June on employing in the US in a post Corona era.

Employing in the U.S. in a post Corona era

Tuesday June 30, 9am EST / 3pm CET
Now that the U.S. economy is slowly ‘unlocking’, it is time to start focusing on (re)building your team. Many employers are curious about the impact of the unimaginable increase in unemployment on their hiring efforts and HR management in the U.S. Will the Covid-19 crisis and the upcoming elections have an impact on the visa applications for the expats that they intend to deploy to the U.S. Will this require additional hiring of locals and how will this work? In this webinar you will learn both the regular matters that you will have to take into account as a US employer, as well as specific areas where you need to focus as a result of Covid-19.
– Florence van den Bergh, VDB Executive Search
– Hilde Cevaal, Visa Versa
– Laura Hoogendoorn, TABS Inc.
– Jacob Willemsen, TABS Inc..

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