United States

Journalist visa (I)

Representatives of the foreign media traveling to the United States to report on U.S. events solely for a foreign audience may be eligible for I visas. Projects must be of an informational or educational nature. Individuals who plan to work on a film/program which is intended primarily for commercial, entertainment or advertising are not eligible for journalist visas.

There are three groups of applicants that may be eligible for I visas:

  • Staff journalists of media organizations.
  • Employees of independent production companies who have a contract with a media organization commissioning them for the work.
  • Freelance journalists who have a contract with a media organization.

VisaVersa regularly assists media organizations and individual journalists with the application procedure of the I visa. Every project is different; from an individual journalist who needs to travel to the US for a short project to media organizations who have a large group of people that need to go to the US.