About VisaVersa

VisaVersa is specialized in immigration law. We have been assisting clients with immigration procedures to and from the United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia for more than 25 years.

Our team understands the challenges and complexities involved in relocating to a different country. The visa application is an important part of this process, and it is our goal to ensure this procedure will run as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to select the visa that best fits the situation of the client. Personal attention, clear communication over the application procedure and excellent service are important elements in our way of working.

Specialization, knowledge & expertise

We are specialized in immigration procedures for the United States, Netherlands, Australia and the UK. We have employees specialized in each of these countries working for us at our office. All our employees speak fluent Dutch and English.

It is always possible to apply for a visa in each of these countries we specialize in without our assistance. Please note that the application procedure for a work visa, investment visa or permanent residence can be a long and complicated process, where our knowledge and expertise with these procedures can provide significant added value and greatly increase your chances of success. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Our network

We work with partner offices in the US and the UK to assist with local procedures at the immigration service and consulates. This way our clients have our expertise at their disposal on both continents. We are also part of a network of specialists in fields related to immigration (business law, taxation) that provide services that are complimentary to our services.

General Terms & Conditions

VisaVersa is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam (number 24300102). The services of VisaVersa are provided under its General Terms & Conditions which you can request at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam.

Why VisaVersa?

In the past 25+ years we have built an excellent track record with a success rate (approved visa applications) exceeding 99%. This success is based on the following key elements of our client-focused approach to immigration:

Selecting the Right Visa

We aim to provide a clear overview of all visa options available to our clients from the perspective of the applicant as well as their employer. Usually visa options are first discussed by phone, if necessary followed by a meeting with all parties involved in the visa application (in person or online).

These discussions include a fair share of Dutch honesty (or bluntness, as some might call it): if we feel the basis for a visa application is not strong enough we will say so and might not even take the case.

Preparing the Visa Application

At the start we provide a detailed overview of all information required for a particular visa application. Often these requirements are not documented in detail on official forms or checklists, but our experience tells us what information is necessary.

Filling out forms is just a minor part of a visa application. We feel that compiling a visa application is often more akin to writing a thesis. That is why we often ask for additional or more detailed information from our clients to better 'tell the story' of our clients' visa application.

Communication and Support

Depending on the type of visa, the application procedure can take weeks, months and sometimes even years.

We prepare our clients for this, and always aim to guide them through the process as quickly as possible.

The Covid years were an exercise in patience for us and our clients: never have we experienced so many changes, stops & starts and frustrating delays. Hopefully the future will bring us a more stable immigration environment.

Clear Overview of Costs

Most of our services are based on a ‘flat fee’. This way there won’t be any surprises about the cost of a visa application.

Before we start work on a visa application, a written agreement is always drawn up between VisaVersa and the client. The agreement will describe the services we will provide and the associated fees. This includes VisaVersa fees, expected government fees and various additional fees (legalization, translation, shipping fees, etc.)

Customized Expat Policy

For clients with frequent employee transfers between countries we assist in preparing travel policies and expatriation policies. These expat policies describe in detail when a visa is necessary and what employees qualify for a particular type of visa.

It is our experience that this helps streamline expatriate processes in client organizations and helps in managing expectations when a potential transfer is discussed in the company.

Monitoring Visa Validity

We keep track of visa validity dates for all our clients. This ensures that visa renewals are started on time and minimizes any last minute surprises.

We generally aim to start with renewals of visas approximately 6 months before they are about to expire.

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