EU Blue Card

Dutch companies that would like to hire highly educated personnel from outside of the EU can submit an application for a European Blue Card. The European Blue Card is based on Directive 2009/50/EG and is intended for highly educated foreign nationals from outside the EU who want to work in one of the EU member states.

The holder of a European Blue Card and his/her family members can easily settle in another EU member state to work there.

A European Blue Card can be an alternative in the Netherlands if the conditions for a residence permit as a highly skilled migrant are not met. For example, the Dutch employer is not required to be recognized as a sponsor by the the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

Conditions EU Blue Card

To be eligible for the European Blue Card, the income requirement of € 6.245 gross per month (per January 2024) and the diploma requirement must be met. The income requirement is indexed annually.

The diploma requirement means that the foreign national must have completed at least a three-year bachelor’s degree program. The diploma must be evaluated by Nuffic. The employer must submit an employment contract with the application showing that it concerns a highly skilled job for at least 12 months.

Duration residence permit

The IND will issue a residence permit for the duration of the contract, with a minimum validity of one year.

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